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BlogTime Production

Become a blogger in just a month, learn to position yourself and sell without selling.

Blogging without proper packaging is ...

  • do not see likes under the photo

  • dont know what to post in stories

  • have incorrect positioning

  • do not convey value to the audience

With Dinway you can ...

  • use your advantages over competitors

  • blogging while obsessing over content plan

  • enjoy blogging and results

  • position yourself correctly and sell without selling

Instagram packaging

$ 400/1 month


SWOT personality analysis, audience analysis and competitor analysis


Working out a blog strategy, content plan (including IGTV and broadcasts) and a product line


Consultation, analytics and creation of the visual part, setting the target

Access to a closed Telegram group

Instagram escorts

$ 200/1 month

1 month

Content plan (including IGTV and live broadcasts), expert consultation

6 months (1 month free)

Content plan (including IGTV and live broadcasts), specialist consultation + target

12 months (3 months free)

Content plan (including IGTV and live broadcasts), specialist consultation + target

When ordering from 3 months. - a photo session as a gift

BlogTime Services


Get all the information you need from a specialist

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Photo session

Excellent quality at the right price

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Chat bots

Implement sales tunnels and use chatbots

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Creating a professional website for your direction

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thousand dollar millionaires

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running products


successful bloggers


packed businesses

""Investing in knowledge pays the most.""

— Benjamin Franklin

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