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Switching to the new terms of the affiliate program

As you may recall, the terms of the linear partner program were recently changed and now partners with personal investments of up to $1,000 receive 3% from the first line, 1% from the second line, and 1% from the third line.

Since the news was not published immediately after the change in the terms of the affiliate program, some of the company's partners expected to receive bonuses of 5% of the investment of invited referrals. As part of the company's loyalty to its partners, the missing 2% was accrued manually at the request of users.

We remind you that the new conditions of the linear program (3-1-1) work for investors up to $1000, and for investors with large amounts, the "old" conditions work (5%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 1%).

Sincerely, Dinway.

Author: Dinway

Category: Project news

Date: 07.03.2021 13:17

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