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How to use the ticket system

In order to leave a support request in the Dinway system, go to the Tickets section in your personal account: There are tabs in the Tickets section My tickets and Partner tickets< / b>.

The My Tickets tab displays a list of your tickets. When you click on an entry in the list of tickets, a pop-up window appears with the correspondence between the user and the support. The title of the pop-up window is the subject of the request, and the subtitle is the type of the request.

When you click on the buttonCreate a ticket < / b> a form appears for creating a support request. Specify here the Subject of the request, the Type of request, and, in fact, the Text of the request with a description of your problem.

Please note that there are the following types of requests:
- affiliate program,
- passive income,
- innovations on the site,
- company products,
- company events,
- deposit/withdrawal,
- technical difficulties.

It is worth considering that all types, except the last two, go not only to the site administration, but also to the mentor, who must answer this question within 5 working days.

If you are a mentor, you can check the requests of your referrals on the Partner Tickets tab in the Tickets section.

The ticket system is designed to simplify the interaction between users and the platform. It is characteristic that the main areas of the appeal are not the administration, but the mentors, which speeds up the processing, removes the burden from the technical and financial departments, and allows the company to develop more rapidly, spending time on the development of new features and chips.

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Date: 26.03.2021 04:01

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