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Changes in investment plans

Dear customers!
In continuation of the global reform of our company, it was decided to change the working conditions of the Light and Mini investment plans for new customers.

New conditions:
- The Light investment plan is reduced from 2-4% per week to 1.3-3.2% per week.
- - The Mini investment plan is reduced from 0.5-1% per day to 0.41-0.8% per day, but instead of 240 days of work, its duration increases to 300 days.

Starting from March 16, the conditions for new investors will be changed in these investment plans.

All customers who opened the Mini investment plan before the terms change will continue to receive their dividends in full!

Sincerely, DinWay Company!

Author: Daniel

Category: Project news

Date: 15.03.2021 17:10

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